How to Enroll

HOW TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT (For New/1st Time Users)

1) Click here to go to the login page. Then click on "Create New Account"

create a new account

2) Fill up the required personal info needed then click the "Create My New Account" button at the bottom of the page.

Fill up the form

3) This will appear on your screen. So check your email for the confirmation email.

Check your email

4) In your email, you will receive a message like this. Please copy the url link provided and paste it in your browser.

Copy confirmation link

5) You registration is now complete. You are now automatically logged in. You may now enroll on any courses you wish to join. Some courses are free, while there are also paid courses.

confirmed registration


1) Click on the login button at the upper left of the page.

2) Enter your username and password. (This is the one you entered when you registered on the site)


1) To enroll in the Video Seminar, make sure you are logged in. Then click on the "Join Course" button.

Join Course

2) Choose the self-enrollment and click "Enroll Me" button. If a password is required, enter the password sent to your email. (Note: Only our email subscriber's receive exclusive access to the course.) If you are not subscribed yet, please subscribe here.

Enroll Me

3) You are now automatically enrolled in the course. Please read the instructions first before proceeding to the lectures.

Read instructions

4) Make sure you read the reading assignments before watching the video lecture. 
You can now watch the free video seminar on your laptop, iPad, tablet, or phone.

Watch Video

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